Source code for esrgan.utils.aug

from typing import Any, Callable, Dict, Optional

__all__ = ["Augmentor"]

def indentity(d: Dict) -> Dict:
    """A placeholder identity operator that is argument-insensitive.

        d: Dictionary with the data that describes sample.

        Same dictionary ``d``.

    return d

[docs]class Augmentor: """Applies provided transformation on dictionaries. Args: transform: A function / transform that takes in dictionary and returns a transformed version. If ``None``, the identity function is used. """ def __init__( self, transform: Optional[Callable[[Any], Dict]] = None ) -> None: self.transform = transform if transform is not None else indentity def __call__(self, d: Dict) -> Dict: """Applies ``transform`` to the dictionary ``d``. Args: d: Dictionary to transform. Returns: Output of the ``transform`` function. """ return self.transform(**d)